Cookie banner custom colors

How to make cookie banner custom colors?

Written by NelsonLast update 3 months ago

A cookie banner (also known as "cookie alert", "cookie permission", or "websites cookie warning") can be a real hustle if it does not match your existing website design. To make it look nice and clean, we have custom color functionality. It allows you to style your cookie popup exactly as your website design.

Go to your CookieScript user account > Settings > Design > Banner colors, where you will find the


Here you can change colors of your cookie banner and the cookie badge.

To apply custom colors you need to select CUSTOM COLORS color theme and check the corresponding checkbox.

Custom colors are selected using a handy tool similar to the ones used in graphical design programs like Adobe Photoshop: 

Note: You can always switch to default colors by selecting the DARK or LIGHT color theme.

Note: You can also set the Opacity (transparency) of the cookie banner by by selecting percentage of opacity from a drop-down menu, found below the Banner color theme section.

For example, if you select red Banner text color, all banner text except the accent elements will be shown in red:

You can also see the guide on how to change the accent color of your cookie banner.

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