How to set up random name cookies?

How to set up random name cookies?

Written by NelsonLast update 4 months ago

Some popular content management systems generate session cookies with random names. This means the session cookie name is different for every visitor. This guide will help you to set up those cookies properly. 

For example, WooCommerce can set up a session cookie that looks like this:


where f919208d949256bc062e5c23e02ba9a2 is just a random string unique for each user. Such cookies are not suitable for the cookie report since the actual cookie name of every visitor will be different.

Another issue with random name cookies is that every scanning of website cookies will generate an additional random name cookie. This will make the cookie report grow with time and fill the report with junk cookie names.

By default, Cookie Scanner will automatically detect most of those random cookies and save them as patterns. 

You can also use the same pattern to add your own random name cookies. 

The following pattern format should be used: 

  • range of possible characters is listed in square brackets: [ ]

  • a number (or range separated by a dash) of characters from square brackets are listed in curly brackets: { }

  • all other characters should remain the same


Simple hash value cookie


will be listed as 


any number between 8 and 16 (8, 13, 15 or 16) of random digit value with SE_ in front and _YT in the end


will be listed as


WooCommerce session cookie


will be listed as: 


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