Setting up subdomains

How to set up subdomains?

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In case your subdomains share the same cookies as your parent domain, you can show the same cookie banner on the subdomains. Cookie Consent popup will also remember user's choice and share it between subdomains and a parent domain.

This option is also useful for websites where the same pop-up box is shown on many subdomains. 

Example: Let’s say you have a website with some subdomains:

If the user agreed to cookies on,,, and will also consider that the user has agreed to the cookie policy.

Note: if cookies on different subdomains are not the same, you should set up a different Cookie Banner for each subdomain.

How to set up the same Cookie Banner on subdomains. 

  1. Go to your CookieScript user account > Settings > Behavior > Banner control, where you will find the REMEMBER CONSENT FOR SUBDOMAINS checkbox.

  2. Fill in the parent domain of your website, without www. or http://.

  3. Save your settings

  4. Include Cookie Banner code on all subdomains where the same banner should be shown.

If you do not have subdomains on your website or you are not sure about this option, just keep Remember consent for subdomains options unchecked. Misuse of this option will not make any problems with displaying your pop-up box.

If your cookie banner remembers consent for subdomains, it will be compliant with all major privacy laws.

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