Record user consents

How to record user consents?

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If you want to record user consents, go to your CookieScript user account > Settings > Main settings. Here you will find RECORD USER CONSENTS.

Check the box if you want to record users' Cookie Consents. All recorded consents can be downloaded later from your cookie banner menu. Read the guide on how to record and download users' cookie consent, and what information is collected in the consent log.

User consent is not recorded automatically- if you leave the box unchecked, users' consents will not be recorded.

If you change your cookie banner settings, for example, asking users for implied cookie consent rather than explicit one, users, that already made cookie consent choices, continue having the previous cookie consent option. The cookie consent choice could be changed after users are asked to renew their cookie consent.

To be compliant with all major privacy laws, you should record user consents.

If your cookie banner does not record user consents, this will lead to the following cookie compliance results:


Cookie compliance


Non-compliant. Companies must keep a record of consent statements received, so the controller can show how consent was obtained, when consent was obtained, and the information provided to the data subject at the time.


Compliant. Under the CCPA, you don't need the user's consent to process personal information, you just need consent for selling personal data.


Non-compliant. Companies must collect and maintain valid proof of consent, which is required under Art. 8.


Non-compliant. Companies must keep a record of consent statements received.

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