How to move Cookie Banner from staging to production domain

How to move Cookie Banner from staging to production domain?

Written by NelsonLast update 4 months ago

Building websites always need time for development, testing, and improvements. That's why website changes are often implemented in a testing environment sometimes called a staging website or sandbox website.

Does CookieScript have a solution for moving from a staging to a production website?

Indeed it does. Thanks to our new feature, you can quickly copy all your settings, translations, cookie reports, and design to a production website. While making a copy of the existing cookie banner, our system will automatically replace the staging domain with a production domain where that is needed.

How do I move my cookie banner from a staging website to a production website?

Using the COPY button. Just find your staging domain, click the COPY button next to it and enter your production domain name. It's that simple. As an option, you can also copy your existing Cookie Report. To do that, simply mark also copy the Cookie Report checkbox.

Note: All cookies containing a staging domain will be automatically replaced by a production domain when also copying the Cookie Report.

Note: Information about the page where the cookie was last found will not be copied since staging and production links are not always the same.

Can I use this functionality to make a copy of the banner to another similar website?

Yes, you can. Just follow the same steps and all item settings and cookies (optionally) will be copied. You can also use copying functionality when you move from one domain to another, but want to keep all the settings and cookies from a previous cookie banner.

What's happening under the hood?

CookieScript makes a copy of your existing Cookie Banner and optionally a copy of the Cookie Report. A new item will appear in your account named "Copy of [original name]". At this point, you can already use your production item on the production website as usual.

Note: When copying Cookie Report, only the last finished scan in history is copied.

Note: A new item is considered as a separate item, this means it is counted as a separate domain in your account. In case you don't need a staging banner after switching to a production domain, you can delete the original item. This will not affect the duplicated banner.

This functionality is available for all pricing plans since even the smallest pricing plan includes two domains, making it possible to have both staging and production cookie banners.

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