Can you sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with us?

Can you sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with us?

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Why You Don’t Need a Data Processing Agreement From Cookie Script

When you sign up for a Cookie Script account, the way we process your data is dictated by the privacy policy within our terms of service.

It’s important for you to understand that we do not collect or store any personal data related to your website users. Our software acts as a switch controlling the flow of data between website users and your website’s tracking technology. This all happens seamlessly without Cookie Script needing to store any personal information regarding your customers or clients. You can read more about what data Cookie-Script collects.

We Maintain Strict GDPR Compliance

All our products and solutions are designed in full compliance with the European Union’s GDPR regulations. Because they are designed with these regulations in mind, and we are not processing customers’ personal information on your behalf, there is no need to sign a Data Processing Agreement with us.

Below are some added details regarding IP address collection.

  • The user’s IP address is only within our systems during the anonymization process. There is no permanent recording of it on our servers. The requester’s IP address is part of the network request and only exists while a response is being sent to the webserver. Once the response is accepted, the IP address becomes anonymous.

  • To make an IP address anonymous, we remove 16 bits of IPv4 or 96 bits IPv6 addresses. The rest of the address is not personally identifiable, and it is stored with a user consent ID and the consent string in the browser.

  • There is typically a log that web servers keep of network requests, that includes the IP address. We do not record IP addresses in this way.

  • If a user questions whether or not they provided appropriate levels of consent, it can be verified through downloading a consent log on Cookie Script. Any applicable details can be found there.

An Added Note…

We do not consider the anonymization of the IP address to be a violation of GDPR Article 4 section 2. If internet traffic were held to this standard, all network traffic would be adversely impacted, grinding the internet to a halt.

Cookie Script takes the collection of any personal data seriously and maintains strict GDPR compliance in all of our products and services. Because we are not processing customers’ personal data on your behalf, there is no need for a data processing agreement. 

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