Copyright text in the banner

CookieScript copyright text in the banner

Written by NelsonLast update 3 months ago

Free CookieScript users will see a small copyright text at the bottom of the banner "Powered by CookieScript". 

This text is automatically removed in all paid plans. 

Cookie report link

When Cookie Declaration is shown in the banner, there is also a link to the original Cookie Report on the CookieScript website: 

This link is not automatically removed in paid plans, but it can be disabled if necessary. Just go to the Design tab > Custom CSS styles and add this line:

.cookiescript_fsd_reportby { 
display: none; 

CookieScript logo in the modal popup

The new design of the detailed cookie declaration modal popup includes a CookieScript logo in the header of the modal window. This logo is automatically removed for all paid users: 

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