My website has more than 3000 pages, what plan should I choose?

What plan should I choose, if my website has more than 3000 pages?

Written by NelsonLast update 16 days ago

CookieScript Cookie Scanner is limited to scanning 3000 pages with the top pricing plan. Some websites have more than 3000 pages in total, what happens when those websites are scanned? What is the cost of scanning more subpages?

In short, Cookie Scanner will just stop when reaching the limit. You can read more about how Cookie Scanner scans a website.

What about the pages that were not scanned? Well, in most cases 3000 pages are enough to detect all cookies used on the website even though some deeper pages were not scanned. This is because usually skipped pages are similar to the ones that were scanned and they do not set any new cookies. 

For example, if you have a web shop with 10.000 products, there are usually just several page types that are used on the website: category pages, product pages, content pages, other pages like checkout, cart, etc. It is usually enough to scan several pages from each category to find out what cookies are set on those pages. 

Cookie Scanner is specifically designed to find the most important links first and only the deepest links are skipped when the limit is reached. You can read more about how Cookie Scanner parses a website.

If you believe 3000 pages limit is not enough for your website, we offer a possibility to set a custom limit on your websites. Please contact us for custom pricing on higher Cookie Scanner limitations.

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