My website's language is not supported by CookieScript

What to do if my website's language is not supported by CookieScript?

Written by NelsonLast update 3 months ago

If you have a multilingual website, the Cookie Banner has to be multilingual, and the cookie declaration inside the Cookie Banner also needs to be updated as your website cookies change.

First, you have to choose your main language. Please see the guide for setting up or changing a Cookie Banner language here.

Second, you have to add a translation for your multilingual website. Please visit our guide to see how to add a custom language.

When adding a new translation, you can choose what languages your website supports and CookieScript will automatically detect the current language and automatically apply translations to the banner elements. More information about automatic language detection could be found here.

CookieCript is translated into 34 languages.

In addition, you can always add a custom language. Just choose Other language when adding a new language at the Translation tab. This could be any language, not supported by CookieScript. After adding a custom language, adjust all the translations and cookie descriptions for your custom language.

No translations, but one language that is not English? You can choose your main language from the list of available 34 languages.

If your website's language is not supported by CookieScript, you could add a translation for your language and choose it as your main language. Your website's main language could be any known or even unknown language, there are no limitations. Also, there are no limitations on how many languages you can use for your website.

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