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What is a Privacy Policy Generator?

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Privacy policy is a legal statement, required by privacy laws, that informs your customers about how your platform collects, stores, shares, uses, and protects your customers’ information. Each company or website, collecting users' personal data, must have a Privacy Policy. Companies must also update privacy policies to accurately reflect recent changes in privacy data collection or processing.

The easiest and safest way to create your Privacy Policy is to use a Privacy Policy Generator. A Privacy Policy Generator is a template for the Privacy Policy, which helps to create a unique and professional Privacy Policy for your company or website.

CookieScript Privacy Policy Generator allows to create fully customizable Privacy Policy, that is fully translated into 9 languages by a team of professional translators. It is CCPA and GDPR-ready and also includes the cookie policy.

The Privacy Policy Generator is not attached to any banner or the settings of your banner — it is just used to create the text. It stores all the latest information you entered.

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Privacy Policy Generator is included in all paid plans.

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