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What is the white label solution of CookieScript and how to get it?

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With the White-labeled Dashboard, you can now host a fully functional CookieScript dashboard on your own domain or subdomain, complete with your logo, brand colors, and personalized branding elements. This means that your clients will experience a seamless and branded interface, enhancing your agency's professional image and value proposition.

This innovative solution is created specifically for web agencies looking to offer CookieScript's cutting-edge compliance solutions under their own brand.

Not sure how it looks like? Go to https://example-whitelabel.com and check it out. Just log in with your usual CookieScript account.

All users who are registered via your dashboard will be automatically redirected to your domain with your dashboard if they try to log in on CookieScript. Also, all emails and notifications will come with your logo and brand. You don't need to do any integrations, just add one DNS CNAME record for the domain/ subdomain that you want to show your branded dashboard.

How does it work?

  1. You buy the Plus pricing plan and pay the yearly fee for the white-label solution (890 EUR per year).

  2. You provide the necessary information for your White-labeled dashboard (logo, color, domain, etc.).

  3. You create a CNAME DNS record for your subdomain or A DNS record for the domain (exact instructions will be sent by email).

  4. We configure your branded dashboard, this can be done within a day.

  5. You create Cookie Banners for your clients and share the banner with them using our banner sharing functionality.

  6. Your clients enjoy the full cookie compliance solution using all CookieScript functionalities. But instead of CookieScript, they see only your brand name.

  7. You charge your clients independently from us.

The white-labeled solution is sold separately from the plans for the banners. This means that you have to buy domain names separately, the white-labeled solution itself does not include any domain names.

How to get started?

Simply inform us via chat that you want to use the white-label solution, and we will do the rest for you!

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