A banner for users who are excluded from geo-targeting

How to create a banner for users who are excluded from geo-targeting?

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Privacy laws are very different, thus we have created the functionality to include different banners for different locations- geo-targeting. You can set up several different cookie banners with different settings and use each of them for a required geographic location. The cookie banners will not conflict with each other and the proper script will be taken for each location.

For countries outside the geo-targeting locations, cookies will be accepted automatically, without showing the banner in those countries.

If you want to show a banner for users who are excluded from the geo-targeting, you would need to create another banner for that outside of the geo-targeted area, make the banner "Implied mode" (accept cookies by default), and add it together with the geo-targeted banner. Make this banner global and include it as a last one. Read more info about geo-targeting.

Several things to note when using geo-targeting:

Note: Update your Cookie-Script code on your website if you were not using EU geo-targeting yet.

Note: All third-party scripts will be automatically activated if a visitor comes outside of the geo-targeted location.

Note: Geo-targeting does not work with self-hosted code since the visitor's IP is checked on CookieScript servers.

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