Installing banner on your website

How to install cookie banner on your website?

Written by NelsonLast update 3 months ago

Installing a banner on your website is very easy, even for the users who are not very familiar with the development side. Let's follow next:

  1. From the dashboard panel click on the banner that you have created.

  2. From the main menu click settings, you will be directed to the subsection panel.

  3. Click Installation from the subsection panel.

  4. From the Cookie banner code section choose your required banner GEO-targeting option. 

  5. Click the  copy global code button to copy your cookie banner code and insert it in the header of your website as the first script before all other scripts. This code should be inserted on every page where the banner should be shown.

*Remember to save your settings when finished editing them.

Note: Insert the script into the head of the HTML, this way our script will load first and will block cookies before the page is loaded.

Note: Scan your website after you have added the banner, so the Cookie Scanner will find the banner and update the status of the banner. You can also re-scan your website only once within 24 hours.

Note: If "Not added" is shown after you installed your cookie banner, it might take up to 1 day to refresh this information. The status of your cookie banner will be updated automatically after 24 hours.

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