Google Ads diagnostics

How to perform Google Ads diagnostics?

Written by NelsonLast update 5 months ago

You should check your Google Ads diagnostics regularly to make sure you comply with the GDPR and are accurately measuring conversions.

To do this, go to your Google Ads account > Conversion > Diagnostics, where you will find the status of your conversions and consent mode. The status for both should be “correct”, as shown in the figure below:

Note: If you receive an alert on Google Ads regarding: “Implementing Consent for Ads Personalization. You are not providing the EEA end-user consent signals required for ads personalization features”, but the status of your conversions and consent mode is “correct”, simply dismiss the message. It could be that there were some problems with Google Ads validation or wrong configuration of the user consent or the cookie banner. If the status is “correct”, it means that the problems was fixed, but the alert message still remains.

Also, read the article about Google Ads troubleshooting.

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