How to use Consent Mode to adjust Tag firing conditions

How to use Consent Mode to adjust Tag firing conditions

Written by NelsonLast update 4 months ago

Google Consent Mode is a handy tool created by Google to help adjust various Google product behavior depending on the visitor Consent State. 

You can also use its build-in consent categories to adjust any Tag behavior in Google Tag Manager. This guide explains how to configure any Tag to be fired depending on the current Consent State of Google Consent Mode.

Note: This guide shows how to configure Tags based on the Google Consent State. If you are not using Google Consent Mode, you can also do the same using CookieScript Consent State variable.

Step 1: Open your Tag and click on a the edit icon: 

Step 2: Click on Advanced Settings > Consent Settings > Require additional consent for tag to fire > +Add required consent 

Step 3: Choose which Google Consent types required to be accepted for Tag to fire

Important: Google Consent Mode is an optional feature and should be enabled in your banner settings too. Go to your banner settings Behaviour tab > Enable Google Consent Mode. You can optionally change a category that allows Ads Storage, Analytics Storage, Functionality Storage, Personalization Storage, and Security Storage in Google Consent mode. 

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