Accept or Reject cookies with custom link on the page

Accept or Reject cookies with custom link on the page

Written by NelsonLast update 6 months ago

You can allow visitors to change their minds (withdraw Cookie Policy consent if necessary) on any page. This can be done with a checkbox.

To make a custom link that opens Cookie Banner to adjust cookie preferences, see how to display Cookie Banner with a custom link.

Adding checkbox

All you need to do is place a checkbox with an ID csconsentcheckbox in any place of your website, for example on the Privacy Policy page after the Cookie Policy section.

Here is an example of code:

<input id="csconsentcheckbox" type="checkbox">I agree with Cookie Policy

Another example with label text being clickable:

<input id="csconsentcheckbox" type="checkbox"><label for="csconsentcheckbox">I agree with Cookie Policy</label>

You are free to change text and style it as you want. Just make sure it's a checkbox and it has a proper ID attribute.

Checking/Unchecking this box is the same as clicking I agree / I disagree button. If the user already agreed to Cookie Policy, this checkbox will be automatically checked. In fact, if you click I agree / I disagree buttons on the same page, the checkbox will automatically check/uncheck. If the visitor didn't make a choice yet, the checkbox will be unchecked.

You can test if this works properly by clicking this checkbox while the cookie policy popup is visible: it should disappear like when clicking I agree on button

Update: In case you are using cookie categories, the checkbox will act as "I agree to all cookies", meaning checking it will make visitors agree to all cookie categories.

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