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You can become an affiliate and resell CookieScript for a commission.

Terms and Conditions for Affiliate program:

To become a CookieScript affiliate, register for free by filling in the registration form here. An affiliate account does not need to be reviewed by the CookieScript team, it becomes valid immediately.

After registering in the affiliate system, the user will be guided through the system dashboard. The main page will show general statistics about invited users and affiliate sales. The affiliate link can be found in the Assets section in the left menu. The link will include an account name, which can be adjusted if needed.

The link to promote CookieScript will lead users to the CookieScript homepage and include a unique identifier. When a user visits the CookieScript website using the link, a special cookie is placed in the browser that will help to identify affiliates if the user purchases a subscription plan.


CookieScript pays affiliates 30% of what the user paid for his first year of membership excluding VAT.

Note that CookieScript does not calculate commission on the recurring sales from the same customer.

If the user files a dispute for the payment, his payment will be automatically removed from the affiliate sales.

Any upcoming purchases from the customer (like updates to a higher Plan or pricing tier) will not be considered affiliate sales and will not add commission to the affiliated account.

The commissions will be calculated starting from the first sale. There is no limit on how much can be earned with CookieScript Affiliate System. All sales and statistics are available in the affiliate dashboard.


It takes a few days to review payout requests and verify affiliate sales. CookieScript processes payouts within three days after the request.

There are three conditions for the CookieScript Affiliate Program payouts:

  1. CookieScript requires a minimum of €200 commissions to be earned before a payout can be requested. This is a requirement for each payout.

  2. An affiliate must have at least two affiliate sales before a payout can be requested. This is a requirement for the first payout only.

  3. Due to the CookieScript refund policy (seven days to request a full refund), affiliates can only request payouts for purchases that were made seven or more days ago.

Payment options

Payments can either be received via PayPal or Stripe. The preferred payment method can be changed in the Affiliate Dashboard account or while setting up an affiliate account for the first time.

Conditions and termination

It is allowed to promote affiliate CookieScript links by any means that do not violate any laws or regulations. A content-based post or article explaining the CookieScript Consent Management Platform makes the best conversions. CookieScript can also be promoted on social networks.

CookieScript reserves the right to refuse affiliate commission or revoke the affiliate account status at any time if CookieScript determines that the affiliate’s website contains objectionable materials or a promotion was done with law violations.

CookieScript can also decline commissions for sales that are done to the same account as an affiliate, that is if a user made a sale to himself.

Note: If an affiliate sale did not register for some reason, we can add it manually. You would need to send us detailed information about the sale to add an affiliate sale to your account manually (date, customer, amount or the invoice.)

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