How do I change billing method?

How do I change billing method?

Written by NelsonLast update 3 months ago

In case your Credit Card got changed, there are few ways to update your billing method. Exact instructions depend on what kind of Payment processor was used when making a purchase. 

Payments processed by PayPal

In case you want to keep the same PayPal account assigned to your automatic payments, simply update the payment method inside your PayPal account. 

Payments processed by Stripe

To update Credit Card details that were processed by the Stripe payment processor, follow the steps below: 

  • Login to your CookieScript account

  • Go to Membership

  • Click the Update Credit Card button next to your active subscription

  • Follow the steps on the next page to update your Credit Card details

Changing the payment processor

Use this section if you want to change the payment processor (PayPal instead of Stripe or vice versa). The same instructions apply if you want to set up a different PayPal account assigned to your CookieScript membership plan.

Since existing automatic payment cannot be assigned to another payment processor account, you would need to purchase a new subscription and a new automatic payment will be set up automatically. It is recommended to purchase a new subscription right after the previous subscription expires. This way membership dates will not overlap. No banners will stop working after your previous subscription expires.

Note: Automatic payment details can only be updated for active subscriptions. If your subscription is inactive, the payment method cannot be updated. A new subscription has to be purchased instead.

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