I have an older Premium/Pro subscription, does it still work?

I have an older Premium/Pro subscription, does it still work?

Written by NelsonLast update 3 months ago

Premium / Pro subscription plans are some older plans which are not available for purchase anymore. Users who have bought those plans can keep them as long as automatic payments are extending those plans. All the Premium/Pro features will still be available.

If you still have older Premium / Pro plans, you might notice that some new features are disabled in your account. This is because those features were introduced after pricing plans were updated and new pricing plans were introduced.

Some new features, like automatic website scan, higher page scan limits, and other updates will only be available for Lite/Standard/Plus plans. If you want to use those new features, you can upgrade to Lite/Standard/Plus plans by paying the difference between your current plan price and the new plan price.

Note that you should update to a Lite/Standard/Plus plan with proper website limitations if you are using Cookie-Script for more than 2 domains.

Note: Expired subscriptions and legacy plans that are no longer supported don't have the Update Credit Card button in the user account. In both cases, users should buy a new plan and not update their credit card details for expired/legacy subscriptions.

You can see our latest pricing plans here: https://cookie-script.com/pricing

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