Outdated pricing plans

Outdated pricing plans

Written by NelsonLast update 18 days ago

If you've been a CookieScript client for a long time, you might have noticed that we have updated our pricing plans some time ago. Pricing plans were updated only once (in the summer of 2020) since the system started back in 2013. 

About the older plans

One of the main advantages of the outdated pricing plans was the unlimited number of domains, which we could offer because the smaller cost of running the system. However, at some point pricing plans were updated since we did have quite a lot of functionality included during the last years and some of it requires ongoing resources, so we had to switch to a number-of-domains-based pricing model to keep our lights running and still offer GDPR compliant services. 

Stopping support of outdated pricing plans

Until now, we allowed all existing customers to keep their outdated pricing plans as long as the automatic payment extends them automatically, even though new clients were not able to purchase any of the outdated pricing plans. 

All good things come to an end. Right now (after 2 years) we are stopping support for deprecated pricing plans (named Pro and Premium). Automatic payments will no longer be collected and the subscription will expire automatically. You will be notified by email before any actions will be taken to your Cookie Banners. You can still use the plan until the expiration date as usual.

Now to the good news: all existing customers with a former Pro or Premium plan (even if it has expired) can upgrade to any current pricing plan with a 20% discount for the first year of the membership. Just drop us a line using our contact form and we will provide you with a coupon code for the upgrade. 

Expired subscriptions and legacy plans that are no longer supported don't have the Update Credit Card button in the user account. In both cases, users should buy a new plan and not update their credit card details for expired/legacy subscriptions.

You can see our latest pricing plans here: https://cookie-script.com/pricing

Note: Here at CookieScript we never reduce the functionality or limitations of our pricing plans even if those pricing plans are no longer offered publicly. 

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