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How to reset cookie consent?

Written by NelsonLast update 16 days ago

This feature allows you to clear all existing cookie consents on your website. When activated, it will require all returning users to reconfirm their cookie preferences. All users, who have granted and who have denied cookie consent, will be presented with the cookie banner again, and will have to make their cookie preferences again.

By default, CookieScript cookie consent is valid for 30 days. Later, users are presented with a cookie banner and have to make cookie choices again.

The feature of resetting cookie consent should be used when the cookie scanner detects new cookies on a website. Thus, users need to make cookie preferences for these newly discovered cookies as well without waiting for 30 days. This ensures that consents are up-to-date and compliant with the latest privacy regulations.

You can reset cookie consent automatically or manually.

To reset cookie consent automatically, go to the Dashboard > Scans > Cookie Scanner Settings, and check the box RESET USER CONSENTS IF NEW COOKIES WERE FOUND. This option will automatically reset user consent when new cookies are detected:

To reset cookie consent manually any time you need, go to the Dashboard > Consents, and press the tab Reset all consents:

Note: If you, as a website admin, reset cookie consent, but you donโ€™t see the cookie banner, you have to delete all cookies on your browser. This means that these old cookies do not support this functionality.

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