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How to show cookie declaration?

Written by NelsonLast update 3 months ago

Go to your CookieScript user account > Settings > Main settings. Here you will find the SHOW COOKIE DECLARATION (INSIDE THE BANNER OR AS A NEW POPUP) button. 

Check the box if you want your cookie banner to show the Cookie Declaration table with cookie category description and information about every cookie used on the website. The Cookie Declaration table could be shown inside the banner or in a new popup window. When the user clicks the ā€œ Show detailsā€ link, the Cookie Declaration table will be shown inside the banner. Read more about the Cookie Declaration inside the cookie consent banner. By default, the Cookie Declaration table will be shown inside the cookie banner:

Check the box OPEN COOKIE DECLARATION IN A NEW POPUP if you want the Cookie Declaration table to appear in a new popup window:

Popup modal window will be shown with 3 buttons: "Accept all" cookies, "Decline all" cookies, and "Save". You can change the buttons' order from the drop-down list in the BUTTON ORDER section.

Under the MIDDLE BUTTON ALIGNMENT section, you can choose how you want the middle button to be aligned or make all buttons stretch to full width. The left button is always aligned to the left, and the right button is always aligned to the right.

SHOW LANGUAGE SELECTOR IN THE POPUP section. In case you have multiple languages for your banner, you can show a language drop-down list in the modal window that will allow users to change banner language without refreshing the page. If you have a single language for your banner, this option is ignored.

You can also change the title for both " Show details" or "Hide details" link text.

The cookie declaration report table inherits the styles of your website, which means it should adapt to the design and responsiveness of your website automatically. If it's not appearing responsive, it could be due to the CSS styles of your website.

Showing cookie declaration or not showing inside the cookie banner does not affect the cookie compliance results.

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