Why does geo-targeting not working on my website?

Why does geo-targeting not working on my website?

Written by NelsonLast update 6 months ago

Since GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations are very different, we have created the functionality to include different banners for different locations- geo-targeting. You can set up several different cookie banners with different settings and use each of them for a required geographic location. The cookie banners will not conflict with each other and the proper script will be taken for each location. Visitors coming from somewhere else will not see the banner, all disabled third-party scripts (if you have any) will get enabled automatically.

If your geo-targeting is not working, there could be several options:

  • You have a free account. A geo-targeting is a part of our paid service.

  • Geo-targeting is not activated at your account. See the guide about how to activate geo-targeting.

  • You did not update Google Tag Manager. After you switch the cookie banner settings from All visitors to some other category, you need to add the generated code to Google Tag Manager again. See the guide about how to install a CookieScript with a Google Tag Manager.

  • You did not insert it to your website/GTM. The geo-targeting functionality does not function when it is simply saved in your banner. You have to choose proper geo-targeting, then copy generated code and insert it to your website/GTM. Geo-targeting is part of the generated code. See the guide about how to implement the geo-targeting functionality.

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