I have added the banner, but I can still see cookies on my website

I have added the banner, but I can still see cookies on my website

Written by NelsonLast update 6 months ago

There are many cases why this could happen. This guide will help you to identify the issue and adjust your banner to work properly. 

1. Check if cookies are actually placed. 

First things first, let's check if cookies are actually placed before consent. This should be checked in a fresh browser, best in incognito mode. This will eliminate any third-party cookies that were placed while visiting another website, but they might show up if some scripts are used from that websites.  Let's say you have used Google search and all Google cookies might now be visible if you use some Google services on your website, like Google Analytics.

Open the browser in incognito mode and check if you still can see any cookies as explained in the cookie inspection guide.

Note: Make sure the Cookie Consent Banner is visible and you haven't accepted any categories yet. 

2. Check your consent mode.

The next thing to check is your banner settings. Make sure your banner is set to be used in the Explicit mode in your banner settings > Main settings > Consent mode. If Implied mode is selected, then the banner is working properly since no cookies should be deleted in Implied mode unless the user actively rejected cookies.

3. Next stop: cookie categories.

Now go to the Cookies section of your banner. Check what cookies are set as Strictly necessary. Those cookies will be set before getting the user's consent.

4. How about unknown cookies? 

Check another option in banner settings > Behavior tab > Keep unknown cookies. If the cookie was not found during the scanning process, it is treated as an unknown cookie and with this option checked it will not be deleted. Either uncheck this option if not using it or add this unknown cookie to the cookie report manually.

5. Still see some other cookies? Let's check what those cookies are. 

If you still see some cookies that shouldn't be there, check the domain column. 

If those cookies are placed under a different domain than the domain you are currently on, those are third-party cookies. You should either block those automatically or follow the instructions to block them manually.

If those cookies are placed under your current domain, check if they are marked as HttpOnly cookies in the HttpOnly column. Such cookies cannot be deleted by our scripts and they are usually important for the website to function, so you might need to assign them to a Strictly necessary category

This guide should cover about 90% of all cases. There could still be some cases that should be reviewed manually. If you still have issues, just contact us and our support team will do their best to investigate and fix the problem. 

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