I have deleted the banner in the dashboard, but it still shows up on my website

Why do I still see the banner on my website?

Written by NelsonLast update 3 months ago

If you no longer need our Cookie Consent Banner on your website, the banner code must be removed from your website completely. 

If the banner still shows up, this means the banner code is still added somewhere. You can check it in the source code of the page. Banner also might be inserted via special tools, like Google Tag Manager. Check those tools if the banner code is still inserted. 

Why is it important to remove banner code when deleting banners from your website? 

Extra requests.

Each time your website loads, it makes one extra request to Cookie-Script servers to get the banner code. Even if the banner code is no longer there, the request still happens. This slows down both your website loading speed and makes the additional load on our servers. So it is important to avoid those empty requests at all.


It's a good practice to include only those third-party codes that you trust. We do our best to ensure top-level security for our system and use the highest security standards. However, deprecated functionalities tend to have a limited maintenance period and it is possible that someday in the future the script that you left on your website will no longer be maintained and will get compromised somehow (again, we do our best to avoid this). In this case, some malicious code might be inserted into your website via that abandoned script code. This is why it is important to remove all unused javascript codes from third-party providers.

Once Cookie-Script banner code is removed from your website, you will not see the banner again. 

Note: make sure you remember to clear your browser cache since you might be looking at an older version of the website even after removing cookie banner javascript code.

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