My website stopped working properly after installing Cookie Script

How to solve this problem?

Written by NelsonLast update 6 months ago

Cookie Script is designed to make websites compliant with the latest privacy regulations. Part of those regulations is not setting cookies before the user gives his explicit consent to do so. 

Some cookies are important for the website to function properly. Blocking such cookies may result in some website functionality stopping working.

Example: After installing Cookie Banner on the web shop, the shopping cart no longer works. Adding products to the basket works fine, but after navigating to the next page, the cart is empty. This would be a critical issue for a webshop since no purchases could be made. 

Such issues may occur if a strictly necessary cookie was blocked by an incorrectly configured Cookie Banner. In the example above incorrectly configured Cookie Banner blocks cart cookies and cleans them on the next page.

Luckily, this is easy to fix by configuring the Cookie Banner properly.  

If you face such a problem, follow the steps below to resolve it.  

It is possible that some strictly necessary cookies were not picked up by the Cookie Scanner. There are few ways to fix this issue. 

  1. Check if you can identify the cookie that is causing the problem and check if it is added to the list of website cookies in the Cookies section of the Banner Settings. In the case of the shopping cart, add the product to the basket and check what cookie was created after adding a product to the basket.

  2. Add this cookie to the cookie report if it is missing and make sure it is marked as strictly necessary. 

  3. Check if the functionality that stopped working is related to some third-party script. If this is the case, make sure the third-party script is not blocked by the Cookie Banner. However, this is usually not the case since it requires some manual actions to block third-party scripts.

  4. If all above fails and you cannot identify the cookie that is causing the problem, there is a special option that is designed to fix such issues. Go to the banner settings > Behavior tab > Cookie control block > check the "Keep unknown cookies" checkbox. With this option checked, Cookie Script will not block unknown cookies. This option should be used only if everything else fails since it might be not fully compliant with GDPR depending on what cookies are missing in your Cookie Declaration. If it's only strictly necessary cookies, then you can use this option safely. 

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