Problems scanning Kajabi websites

Problems scanning Kajabi websites

Written by NelsonLast update 1 month ago

Cookie Scanner is a tool that is designed to scan a website and generate a report with all cookies used on that website. CookieScript Cookie Scanner scans all websites, including those created by Kajabi.

In some cases, Kajabi servers might block our scanner from accessing websites. We did contact Kajabi regarding this issue, however, at this point, they are not ready to whitelist the CookieScript scanner for all websites yet. 

Scanning of Kajabi websites by the CookieScript Cookie Scanner is treated by Kajabi separately for each case. If you have problems scanning Kajabi websites, contact Kajabi and ask them to allow scanning of your website.

There is an example of such an email:

ā€œI am using CookieScript as a cookie consent banner. They need to scan cookies on my website to generate a cookie declaration. Their scanner is blocked by Kajabi, please whitelist this IP address to allow them to scan my website:".

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