How to change banner domain?

How to change the domain name?

Written by NelsonLast update 5 months ago

By default, editing the domain name directly inside the banner is disabled. Once the domain name is entered when creating the banner it cannot be edited later. 

If you want to change the banner domain name, contact our support team.

In case the domain name needs to be edited (ex. website moved), this can be done by copying the existing banner. Just click the Copy button in the CookieScript item card in your dashboard and enter the new website domain name. 

You can optionally copy the cookie declaration report, the previous domain name will be replaced with a new domain name for all cookies accordingly. All the settings and translations will be copied too. 

We also have a banner sharing functionality, which allows to share the banner to another account in a Plus plan.

Note: If copying is restricted due to a limit of domains in the account, you can disable (Banner settings > Banner publish) the banner before copying. Disabled items are not counted when calculating domain limits. 

More information about how copying domain works.

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