What Is CookieScript Roadmap?

What Is CookieScript Roadmap?

Written by NelsonLast update 6 months ago

CookieScript has introduced a feature request functionality, a dedicated customer feedback management channel, where users can submit their feature requests. You can request to fix a bug, add a new feature, update a current feature, or request to improve other functionalities. Write a title, provide details for the feature you request, and submit your request.

You can also vote for a feature request submitted by others, so we will know that we should prioritize the current feature.

We also share a CookieScript roadmap with you. A features roadmap is a visual timeline of what we are currently working on and what are the planned tasks.

Stay informed about our plans! Check out our product roadmap to get insights into what's coming next. You can now see our planned features, improvements, and timelines so you can prepare for future updates.

In addition, you can also see our update logs in one place.

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