Google Consent Mode

Google Consent Mode

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Google Consent Mode is a tool which includes application programming interface (API) to control tag cookie storage based on user consent choices. The API allows organizations to monitor conversions and use the powerful google analytics tools while complying with the GDPR and other privacy laws.

Google works in partnership with Consent Management Platforms (CMP). CMPs are integrated with Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager and thus help manage cookie consent banners and respect user's consent choice on a CMP banner.

Starting from March 2024, you need to use a cookie banner integrated with Google Consent Mode Version 2. See the instructions on how to implement Google Consent Mode with a GTM Tag template or manually and how to update your GTM CookieScript template to the latest version.


Note: CookieScript is a Google Consent Mode-certified CMP, integrated with a Google Tag manager (GTM), and supports the Google Consent Mode v2.


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How to implement Google Consent Mode easily with CookieScript:

All pricing plans have a full integration with Google Consent Mode v2.

If you want to use cookies with Adsense, you need to have a CookieScript Plus plan and enable IAB TCF.

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