How are automatic payments collected?

How are automatic payments collected?

Written by NelsonLast update 5 months ago

Once you buy a subscription, an automatic yearly payment plan is created in PayPal or Stripe (for credit cards) for the amount of yearly price. This amount will be automatically deducted in one year to extend your subscription. You can cancel these automatic payments at any time in your account settings (or in the case of PayPal also in PayPal account directly). Your account will still have a proper Plan activated until the subscription expires.

If you are no longer using our services and got charged automatically because you forgot to cancel your automatic payments, just drop us a line within 7 days and we will refund the last payment completely, no questions asked.

Note: Our pricing policy is sometimes changed due to updates and new functionality. While you have automatic yearly payment-enabled, you keep paying the original price (smaller price) that you have paid for our services. If automatic payment was canceled, you will have to get a Plan for the current price.

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