Troubleshooting banner settings

his article is about how to solve problems regarding banner settings

Written by NelsonLast update 4 months ago

Here are the most common problems and their solutions related to banner settings.

Problem: The cookie banner window is shown after the button Accept is clicked.

Solution: This happens when the subdomain option is enabled and the parent domain is entered incorrectly. Check your subdomain settings and make sure you have the PARENT domain entered correctly. For example, the parent domain should be, not Read more about how to set up subdomains.

Problem: the language is not detected for a multilingual website (default language is shown for all subdomains).

Solution: This happens when your website does not provide any data about the language. Provide language data by one of the options:

  • URL indicates about the language used, for example:

  • Website has the HTML tag in the code like this: lang="nl".

Problem: Google Analytics (GA) cookies remain after declining them.

When a user chooses Accept All cookies, GA cookies are saved to the user's device. If the user then chooses Decline All cookies, these GA cookies remain after declining.

Solution: Google Consent Mode works by setting cookies, but not storing info on their servers after the decline of cookies. So seeing cookies after declining them is normal- they are present, but are not collecting any info.

This is necessary for GA4 to work correctly. When Google Consent Mode is enabled, cookies are kept intentionally since Google Consent Mode takes care of privacy regulations. If we delete cookies, Google services like GA4 will not work properly. So even if it could be technically possible to delete GA cookies, we do not recommend doing it.

P.S. This is different for other cookies. For example, Facebook cookies no longer appear after the decline of cookies.

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