Google Consent Mode checklist

See how you can validate your GTM consent mode installation

Written by NelsonLast update 2 months ago

Checklist for the correct implementation of Google Ads and Google Consent Mode

  1. Google Consent Mode is enabled in settings.
    See the guide about how to enable Google Consent Mode.

  2. CookieScript is installed in GTM using the latest template from gallery.
    See the guide about how to update the GTM template.

  3. CookieScript trigger is set to Consent Initialization (AND no other tags in that trigger).
    Triggering CookieScript tag on consent initialization is crucial for other tags that use consent mode to work. If CookieScript fires too late, none of those other tags will see the default consent state and will not work.

  4. Make sure you have only one CookieScript tag.

  5. GA trigger is set to Initialization
    The right GA trigger should look like this:

    The common mistake is the wrong GA trigger selected like in this example:

  6. Clear browser Cache

  7. Use preview mode to see how it works. Link to debugger info.

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