Free and Paid pricing plans

Free and Paid plans

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CookieScript offers one of the best pricing plans on the market.

FREE plan

The Free plan includes the following functionalities:

Cookie Banner

Google Consent Mode

30+ languages for your cookie banner.

20.000 monthly pageviews.

The Free plan is intended to be used for smaller websites and it has some limited functionality compared to paid plans. The free plan does not allow you to:

  • Enable GEO-targeting

  • Customize banner colors

  • Scan more than 10 pages

  • Automatically scan website cookies monthly

  • See banner Usage Analytics

  • Record and download user consents

If you exceed 20.000 pageviews, you will be notified to upgrade the plan and after some time the notification will also appear on the banner itself.

If you choose the free plan, it will remain active even after the 1 year subscription period.


The Lite plan includes the following functionalities:


The Standard plan includes the following functionalities:


The Plus plan includes the following functionalities:

Note: You can't have multiple pricing plans in one account. If you want to have multiple tiers in parallel, you should have separate accounts for each pricing plan.

Note: Lite and Standard plans do not offer full GDPR compliance. For full GDPR compliance a Plus plan is required.

Note: All plans are billed yearly only, we do not offer monthly payment options right now.

Note: Scan limit means that our scanner will scan a certain limit of pages on your website. For example, if you have a Lite plan and your website has 200 pages, then only 100 of them will be scanned.

Note: We currently offer packages for 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, or 200 domains. We don't offer plans for a specific number of domains, such as 60 or 70. The pricing difference of a higher tier is usually small enough to update to the next tier. Pricing tiers for 200+ domains go in batches of 100, so 300, 400, 500, 600 and so on. You can request prices for more than 200 domains at our support chat.

Go to CookieScript pricing plans to buy a pricing plan that fits your needs. We offer yearly payment plans.

There are two option to try our pricing plans:

First, a trial for 14 days is available upon request for the Plus plan. No payment is required, the credit card is not charged in this case. After 14 days, the plan will be canceled automatically.

Second, you can simply buy any pricing plan and try it. We offer full refund within 7 days after purchase without any questions. In this case, you need to provide your credit card details, but the annual price is charged from your card only after 7 days.

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